Welcome to the Press section for the Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Championships, Estonia 2017.

At the Event Centre, accredited media representatives will have possibilities to work in a dedicated media room (Dorpat Convention Centre, Tartu), in addition to the media area at the arenas for each WOC discipline.

Press conferences will be held in the media tent at the arenas directly after the flower ceremonies at every competition day, depending on the starting times for men and women.

Media contact 

Jonatan Karjus
WOC 2017 Media Manager
Mobile +372 5819 2728


Media Accreditation gives rights to enter designated areas and use designated services for media. Receive course maps and start and result lists.

The deadline for media accreditation via Eventor was June 18. If interested in covering the event and accreditation was not made on time, then please contact

All accredited media are requested to show their passports (and/or press cards) as proof of identity when collecting their accreditation documentation at the Event Centre. Please do let us know if you are unable to pick up your accreditation at the Event Centre, then we find another solution.


Bulletin 3 (April 2017). PDF (6MB)
Bulletin 2 (July 2016). PDF (3 MB)
Bulletin 1 (July 2015). PDF (4 MB)

Opening hours

The media room at Dorpat Conference Centre will have the same opening hours as for the Event Centre. 

The media tent at the arenas will be manned all day during the competitions. For detailed opening hours, please see the Bulletin 4, handed out with your accreditation materials upon your arrival.


There is no dedicated transportation for media personnel. Though we might be able to arrange transportation to dedicated photo controls in the forest during some of the competition days.

There will be MEDIA parking areas on each race day. A MEDIA parking permit will be provided in the accreditation package.

Media Package

A WOC 2017 media package will be available when you pick up your accreditation. This will contain essential information about the event and the races including more detailed information on media access to race terrain, MEDIA parking permit, and a copy of Bulletin 4.

Photo and video

Photographers and video operators who wish to cover the Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Championships, Tartu 2017, have to fill the accreditation form by 31st of May 2017. 

During the race days, all photographer and video operators have to wear a special photo bib at the competition area. The bibs will be handed out from the Press Centre.

All questions regarding photo and video will be answered by the Chief of Photo, Eva-Maria Truusalu (

Info meeting for all photographers and video operators will be held on every competition day in media centre. We will announce the meeting times at least 2 weeks before the event.


The IOF/VIP/Media race will take place on Wednesday July the 5th in Küka (Voorepalu village, Põlva county, 33 km south-east from Tartu. The race will have 3 different courses: short, middle and long. The race is open during 15.00-17.00. Refreshment are offered after the race.

The pictures below are allowed to use free of charge. Please refer to Tarmo Haud, who is the author.

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