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Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Championships 2017 will be held in Tartu and South Estonia with the competition terrains in Tartu, Viljandi, Rõuge and Elva-Vitipalu.


Bulletin 3 (April 2017). IOF Eventor
Bulletin 2 (July 2016). PDF (3 MB).
Bulletin 1 (July 2015). PDF (4 MB)

NB! ISOM 2000


All Entries and requests for transport packages are only to be made in IOF Eventor.

Deadline for Preliminary Entries for WOC athletes and team officials: April 30, 2017.

Deadline for Final Entries for WOC athletes and team officials: June 20, 2017.
NB! Entries will not be valid until receipt of the payment of the entry and accreditation fees.

Accreditation fee for athletes120 €
Accreditation fee for team officials245 €
Sprint (Qualification + Final)120 €
Sprint Relay (team)215 €
Long Distance90 €
Middle Distance90  €
Relay (team)215 €
Transport package for WOC100 €

The accreditation fee for team officials includes: model events, competition maps, start and
result lists.

The WOC entry and accreditation fees include participation in the WOC competitions, model
events, competition maps, any compulsory transport.

WOC transport package includes transport from the Event Centre to the Sprint Relay, Long
Distance, Middle Distance and Relay, including the Model Events.


Tartu offers wide range of accommodations from 4 stars hotels to university dormitories all within walking distance from the Event Centre and the Old Town. Official WOC 2017 hotel is Dorpat which is connected to the Event Centre.

Hotel Dorpat lies in the centre of Tartu, just 5 minutes from the Town Hall Square.
Teams may choose their accommodation freely. WOC 2017 Event Office will accept requests for accommodation in Tartu according to the categories below.

For more information, contact:


Estonia is known for demanding terrains that push the athletes' navigational and physical skills to their limits. World Orienteering Championships 2017 offers a variety of these terrains: from hilly to flat, from fast to slow and from medieval to classical. Each of the five WOC medal races will offer a worthy challenge and an exciting orienteering experience to award the titles of the World Orienteering Champions.

Embargoed areas

A number of areas have been embargoed for potential WOC 2017 team members (athletes, coaches, team leaders etc.) for Fair Play reasons according to the IOF competition rules. Areas have different strictness of embargo: some may not be entered at all whereas some can be visited without a map and so on. Embargoed areas can be viewed in Bulletin 2.

You can also view embargoed areas in Google Maps. By clicking on each of the areas, more detailed information regarding the entering rules will pop up, as well as a list of previous orienteering maps of those areas.


Doping is strictly forbidden, and the organizers of WOC2017 are dedicated to supporting the anti-doping authorities in their work. Doping controls may be carried out any time during the competition period. Selected athletes will be given instruction to report to the doping control after finishing their race, and will be escorted by a chaperon. Random doping control may occur even during the days when there are no competitions. Doping tests will always be carried out in accordance with the procedures described in the WADA International Standard of testing. The IOF Anti-Doping Code and rules apply as of 1st of January 2015.

Athletes selected for the doping tests must bring an official identification document (with photo) to the doping test area. Accreditation cards with photo must be used for this purpose. The athlete should also bring along their Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) if applicable

Previous maps

Previous orienteering maps of the embargoed areas can be viewed and downloaded as GIF-files (300 dpi).

Sprint and Sprint Relay
Middle Distance and Relay
Long Distance
Any questions regarding the embargoed areas can be addressed to the Event Director