Training maps on WOC 2017 relevant terrains are available from spring 2015 throughout summer 2017. New maps and areas are continuously added.

Maps can either be purchased as files (OCAD/PDF/JPG) or in printed form (laser-print) with or without controls, and delivered to your desired address.

Please note that some of the training areas are in the proximity of the embargoed areas.

Training Camp
Official training camps will be centered around Otepää. Test races on relevant terrains available on request.

Training Camp 3 will be held in May 8-14, 2017. Deadline for map orders is May 1st!

May 8all dayKirikukülamiddleNo5 €  
May 8all dayJuudakunnumiddleNo5 €
May 9all dayVeskimõisa-PokamiddleNo5 €
May 915:00 - 19:00Lajavangumiddle/longYes7 €
May 10all dayHaanja Wmiddle/longNo5 €
May 1015:00 - 18:30Tähtvere (Tartu)sprintYes7 €
May 1015:00 - 19:00Vällamäe (Haanja)middle/longYes7 €
May 11all dayPäidlapalumiddleNo5 €
May 1117:00 - 19:00Madsa-Annimatsimiddle/longYes7 €
May 1217:00TEST RACE: PõlvasprintYes35 €
May 1312:00TEST RACE: VoorepalumiddleYes35 €
May 149:00TEST RACE: KütiorglongYes35 €

Test Races

Test races for national teams on WOC relevant terrains will be held May 12-14. Sprint, middle and long distance races available. See the areas HERE
  • Entry fee 35 EUR/day. Registered athletes! Deadline April 17.
  • May 12: sprint in Põlva town (map 1:4000/h=2.5m). EMIT test OLD MAP
  • May 13: middle distance in Voorepalu (map 1:10 000/h=2.5m) OLD MAP
  • May 14: long distane in Kütiorg (map 1:15 000/h=5m) OLD MAP
  • NB! Runners need to follow their national team embargo rules for these terrains (except for Voorepalu that is a WOC embargoed area!).
  • Contact for more information.
Permanent courses

From this spring 5 permanent courses are available in Kirikuküla, Päidlapalu, Lajavangu, Haanja and Juudakunnu. Controls are marked in forest with plastic tapes and it is possible to purchase maps with all controls (5 EUR/piece).



Mihkel Järveoja
WOC 2017 Training Coordinator


Training areas are chosen to model the competition terrains and map-makers style as much as possible and there are training maps available for all the different distances. Training maps' location on Google Maps.

You can also check Estonian Orienteering Map database


Printed clean maps: 4 EUR/pc
Printed maps with permanent controls: 5 EUR/pc
Map file in OCAD/JPG: 150/100 EUR
  • sprint
  • long distance
  • middle distance