Estonian Orienteering Federation is pleased to welcome everybody to be a part of the largest and most prominent orienteering event in the history of Estonian orienteering, the Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Championships 2017!

Traveling here & around

Travelling to Estonia is easy, you can arrive here by plane, train, car or boat (ferries and cruises). As a member of European Union and Schengen area, Estonia is easily accessible to anyone looking to travel over from Europe.

Citizens from EU, USA, New Zealand, Canada and Australia do not need a visa to enter the country and you also do not need one, if you are travelling with a Schengen visa. Check the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website if you are in any doubt. It is always up to date with visa information and gives details of Estonian embassies abroad where they can be obtained.

Organizers suggest the teams and athletes use their own cars and minivans to get around trainings. Our Official Rental Car Partner Hertz offers great deals for everybody (use CDP number 809583 at

One of the best ways to plan your route to Estonia is to use Rome 2 Rio or use the following possibilities: 
There are good flight connections to capital Tallinn. It is also possible to fly to Tartu, but the flights are not very frequent.

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Tartu and South-Estonia

Deep blue lakes hidden between rolling hills and valleys is what makes South Estonia a popular nature getaway destination.

Deep forests, a large national park, sleepy villages and adorable towns with historical churches and manors is what best characterises the southern Estonian vibe. Southern parts of Estonia are also a home to many traditional communities, such as Setos and Old Believers.

To the delight of hikers and trekkers, there are lots of diverse hiking trails in Southern Estonia, and by passing though them, you can be sure to be intimately acquainted with the local nature. Breathtakingly beautiful rolling hills, species-rich national parks and nature reserves, numerous rivers and lakes.

In South-Estonia you will find Tartu, the oldest town in the Baltics, which also happens to be a home to northern Europe’s oldest university boasting groundbreaking discoveries since the 17th century. Moreover, the nearby town Otepää has been the training ground for several Olympic medalists. 

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Estonians like to know where their food comes from. For this reason, many savvy city dwellers take the time to work the fields and enjoy the fruit of their labour throughout the year. This amount of passion has greatly inspired Estonian restaurants to be creative and use local produce.

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